"CNA didn't build us a house, they built us a home. From the beginning, the building process with Craig and his excellent team was very comfortable. He met our needs in numerous ways. We were impressed with the architectural creativity, wonderful details, personal attention, and innovativeness throughout the custom homebuilding process. Craig and Joanne's creativity, attention to detail, intelligence, and "caring for the customer" attitude are strengths from which we feel we greatly benefitted. Craig, Joanne, Jim and all of the subcontractors that worked on our house were professionals who did quality work and were willing to do whatever it took to make our home exactly what we wanted. A true custom homebuilding experience, our home is beautiful thanks to the high standards set by CNA Builders, and we are loving it! More importantly, the after settlement follow-up service provided by CNA builders and their subcontractors is remarkable. They are quick to respond, very understanding and very thorough. We continually receive compliments that you should share in and be proud of as well! I wouldn't think twice about referring anyone to CNA Builders."

Rick Delgiorno

"The house you built for us in Holtwood, Pa. is nicely done. We're very satisfied with the design, workmanship and quality. We will certainly recommend CNA Construction to anyone interested in building a new home."

Karole and Anthony Longo

"My wife and I assembled our dream/retirement home in our minds over the course of a few years and could never find it on the real estate listing. In early March 2012 we were looking at a CNA constructed home and noticed the lot across the street was for sale. We immediately secured the property.

We met with Craig a few days later and showed him a floor plan I developed on an Excel spreadsheet. Craig got the ball rolling right away with the architect and township. CNA Construction broke ground in the first week of May. We worked closely with Craig - making material and design decisions almost every week. I am an engineer with a background in construction and really loved the whole process. I got to watch our sturdy, well made and up-scale custom home be built from the ground up. We moved into our beautiful dream/retirement home on August 28, 2012. I often tell my friend that it is like living on vacation."

Michael Reitmeyer
West Hempfield Township resident

"I was bidding for it against Craig Natale. When he won that bid, he asked me what I wanted and I told him 'just the house.' That suited him, so I rented from him for a year, until he got the subdivision approved," she said.

Natale, through his company CNA Construction, also supervised the home's most recent renovation. "Without his help, I wouldn't have done it," Moore said.

That included insulation, replastering the interior walls, and new electric service, a new roof, and new windows on the second floor.
Susan Moore
Homes feature in the Holly Berries 2010 House Tour