About Us

Our Mission

Our mission at CNA Construction is to provide the finest home building and remodeling services to our clients. We will deal with our clients fairly and honestly with the objective of always making customer service and satisfaction our top priority. We also strive to create a positive work environment that is felt by our customers. By offering the highest quality products and materials, excellence in workmanship, and design creativity, in tandem with forward-thinking and a focus on family and safety, CNA turns remodeling dreams into realities.

Our History

CNA Construction was founded in 1980 by the grandfather and grandson team, Anthony Longo and Craig Natale. The "C" and "A" in CNA Construction may stand for their names, but means so much more! Traditional values and beliefs, strong family ties and traditions, good morals and values, professionalism, and utmost integrity along with talent and expertise truly defines CNA Construction. Although Grandpa has passed on, we're certain he'd be proud of CNA Construction today. As a father and son team, Craig and Stephen Natale continue the long standing tradition of Excellence! Call us today and let's get started!


In recent years, CNA Construction has completed fabulous custom homes in a variety of upscale developments throughout the region including Bent Creek, Concordia Estates and Miller Road. Our latest project takes us to the sprawling wooded lots of what will soon become Hilldale Estates in Martic Township.